Realize the potential of virtualization

154010341Businesses large and small are turning to server and desktop virtualization to reduce IT costs, free resources and better manage risks - all while decreasing downtime.

This is a major shift away from "big iron" hardware solutions towards virtualized, cloud-based systems. These cloud-based systems allow users to operate multiple systems on a single piece of hardware.

Virtualization technology makes it possible to run several software environments on the same piece of hardware. Rather than having both a Windows server and a Linux server, virtualization makes it possible to house both operating environments in a single hardware box.

In this way, two Linux servers and two Windows servers running on four separate machines can be "virtualized" to run on a single physical server.

Royale Class can introduce you to the full range of benefits of server virtualization. Our technical teams can also help you implement, maintain or manage an economical virtual environment.

Desktop Virtualization Saves Costs and Reduces Downtime

If desktop server virtualization is currently a part of your network solution, there's a good chance that a VMware® product is already playing a major role. VMware® represents the global leader in virtualization solutions and has set the standard for reliability and performance.

Because of the extensive experience that Royale Class has with the VMware® product family, Royale Class Virtualization Consultants can ensure that you're harnessing the full power of VMware®. At the same time, we can provide network auditing and maintenance services that will keep your network running smoothly.

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