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Project Management

Who Needs Project Management?

153677196Every business needs project management. Chances are, even without a formal Project Manager, your company is already using project management techniques to some degree. By definition, a project is a temporary endeavor that creates a unique product, service, or result (deliverables). So, even a small informal project, like writing an article for the company newsletter, has a beginning, a completion, a client (internal or external), scope, risks (such as impact to and from other projects), and deliverables.

Project management, then, is the application of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a set of activities to meet the requirements. An individual applying his or her own organizational and communication skills against a goal is a form of project management.

Can't I just manage my own projects?

In the case of simple projects, chances are you're already managing them. However, in the case of large, complicated projects that require work from multiple departments, divisons, vendors or partners, an experienced project manager can help avoid pitfalls and costly delays to the completion of the project.

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I don’t need a Project Manager. I have Microsoft Project.

MS Project is a scheduling tool that only reflects the information and skills of the person building that schedule. And building the schedule is the last step in project planning, after all the information has been gathered on scope, dependencies, risks, etc. The schedule gives a picture of what is on the calendar, but it doesn’t depict the issues, risks, and planning if those key aspects of project management were not addressed up front before the schedule was built.

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